Jimmy Kimmel Canceled His Annual Halloween Prank But Parents Still Did It Anyway

Every year, Jimmy Kimmel tells parents to trick their kids into believing they ate all the Halloween candy.

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While Jimmy Kimmel usually encourages parents to trick their kids by pretending they ate all of their Halloween candy, this year’s particular hellscape made him decide “not to do it because kids have suffered enough.”

However, some parents still went forward with the prank, and Kimmel shared some of the best moments from this segment on his Monday night show. While the gag brought a lot of tears and screaming, some parents got a few “it’s okay mommies”.

One little girl bawled after learning it was a trick: “You still tricked us we don't like that,” she cried. “Yeah cause, Jesus does not lie. Remember you taught us that?” One boy was okay with his mom eating all the candy, but wasn’t cool with her eating all the Cheez-Its as well. In another clip, a second little girl was so distraught that she put her candy bucket over her head.

However, an older kid caught on to his parent’s games, telling them, “You did not eat all my Halloween candy and I know that because you do it every year.”

And when another kid learned of the prank, he said he wants “Joe Biden to kick him in the face”—him being Kimmel.

You can watch the clip above.

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