There's Now a Petition to Keep 'The Office' on Netflix

Earlier this week it was revealed that 'The Office' will be leaving Netflix in 2021.

The Office

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The Office

NBC claimed in May that The Office is Netflix's no. 1 show, and just over a month later came the unfortunate news that the comedy will leave the streaming platform in 2021. After the show leaves Netflix in January 2021, it will only be available to stream exclusively through NBCUniversal's new streaming platform. The Office has proved to have a lot of legs, despite ending in 2013 with its ninth season. Understandably, a lot of fans are upset about the move. In fact, fans are so upset that they've launched a petition to keep it on Netflix.

The petition, which first launched on Tuesday, is calling on NBC to allow The Office to stay on Netflix indefinitely. A similiar situation happened with Friends last year, although Netflix ultimately paid $100 million to keep it for another year. Unfortunately, it's unlikely the same will happen with The Office

Universal Television reportedly held an auction, and NBC Universal edged out Netflix's offer of $90 million for a sum of $100 million per year, for five years. It has been speculated, as per The Hollywood Reporter, that Hulu, Amazon, and Apple took meetings to acquire streaming rights for the beloved show. It's clear that Netflix, with its attention-grabbing tweet, are hoping to rally fans, but it might be too late.

Sign the petition here.

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