Steve Harvey Jokes About Michael B. Jordan’s Valentine’s Date With Lori Harvey and ’Sexiest Man Alive’ Status

In an appearance on 'Kimmel,' Steve Harvey spoke about his daughter’s relationship with Michael B. Jordan and his "Sexiest Man Alive" status.

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In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Steve Harvey spoke about how he feels regarding his daughter’s relationship with Michael B. Jordan.

Recently, Jordan caught attention for his elaborate Valentine’s Day plans, which saw him rent out an aquarium just for him and Lori with a candlelit dinner. While the Family Feud host has said in the past he thinks Jordan seems like a good guy, he joked with Kimmel that the Creed star isn’t quite as perfect as everyone thinks.

“Well, first of all, let’s be clear about something: he is a nice guy, yeah, but he is not the sexiest man alive to me, at all," he told Kimmel, responding to the fact Jordan was labeled 2020's Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine.

When asked who he thinks the sexiest man alive is, he didn’t hesistate for one second. “Me,” he replied. “All these people I’m paying for, hell, if that ain’t sexy, what is? I’ve never been attractive I knew that, that’s why I had to come up with these damn jokes. But this kid, I like him, man.”

As for his thoughts on Jordan’s Valentine’s Day plans? “Yeah, well good luck homie, ’cause you know, Valentine’s come every year,” he joked. “So I don’t know if you know this works or not, but I don’t know how you gonna top that. But good luck partner. I mean, it was really nice what he did, you know, I’m happy for him. He’s a great guy, I met his father and everything, but uh…that was a lot, that was a lot. I don’t know where he going from from here, so hopefully, you know, maybe he’ll make Creed4, 5, and 6.”

Regardless of his jokes, he still made it clear he “approves” of Lori’s relationship with Jordan, which he suggested he couldn’t do for her previous boyfriends. “Nothing, ever. Ever. Pure hatred,” he deadpanned before a chuckle.

Watch the wide-ranging interview above.

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