Video Shows Jonathan Majors Breaking Up Fight Between High School Students

The actor previously told TMZ that he wanted to make sure no one got hurt.

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Jonathan Majors was caught on video breaking up a fight between two high school students outside an In-N-Out in Hollywood.

In the clip, per TMZ, the actor could be seen running over to the two girls after they attacked each other. While it's unclear what, exactly, he said to the students in the clip, at one point he said "it's not that deep" and told them it was "okay" as he repeatedly held them back from one another. He was unable to stop them from exchanging blows but appeared to stick around until they calmed down. Some of the students watching and recording the fight appeared to not recognize Majors, with one of them asking, "Who the fuck is that?"

The scuffle took place near an In-N-Out location near Hollywood High School. Reports that he broke up the fight first surfaced earlier this week. As he told TMZ on Tuesday, he wanted to make sure no one got seriously injured in the fight.

The moment comes amid Majors' legal battle with an ex-girlfriend he allegedly assaulted in March. The 34-year-old Marvel Cinematic Universe and Creed III actor was arrested for misdemeanor assault, aggravated harassment, attempted assault, and harassment after the woman told the NYPD that he slapped her following an argument in an NYC taxi. He has maintained his innocence, while his lawyer Priya Chaudhry said Majors called 911 out of concern for the woman's mental health.

Last month, Majors appeared in court alongside his girlfriend Meagan Good. During that court appearance, the trial was delayed to September 6. Vulture reports that it was delayed once again to Friday, September 15.

"For an excruciating four months, Jonathan Majors, the real victim in this shameful ordeal, has had his life, career, and reputation torn apart," lawyer Priya Chaudhry said in a statement after the first delay. "Yet he remains unwavering in his determination to be absolved from this harrowing ordeal."

An extensive report from Rolling Stone earlier this revealed that Majors has been accused of various instances of alleged abuse, toxicity, and aggressive behavior before his assault arrest. Despite the allegations, the actor showed up in the trailer for Loki Season 2 as a Kang the Conqueror variant in July.

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