Jonathan Majors Files Counter-Complaint Against Alleged Domestic Violence Victim

The 'Creed III' star has accused his ex-girlfriend of physically harming him in the alleged dispute that led to his March arrest.

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Jonathan Majors has filed a domestic violence counter-complaint against the woman who was allegedly involved in a physical dispute with the actor.

The New York Post reports Majors has accused ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari of "scratching and hitting him" during an argument which resulted in the Creed III star's March 25 arrest.

Majors, who was taken into custody while Jabbari was brought to the hospital to be treated for visible injuries, claimed his "drunk and hysterical" ex caused him harm, leaving him bleeding.

The Marvel actor also told police Jabbari had attacked him in previous incidents, though he never filed police reports.

Majors' attorney Priya Chaudhry maintains that he is a victim of Jabbari's abuse.

“From the beginning, we have said Jonathan Majors is innocent and provably the victim here,” Chaudhry told the Post in a statement. “Last week, for the first time, Mr. Majors met with the NYPD to present them with evidence of what really happened on that night. Within hours of viewing the evidence, and conducting their own thorough investigation, the NYPD found probable cause to arrest Grace Jabbari for assaulting Jonathan Majors.”

Back in May, Chaudhry provided a statement to Complex that blasted the allegations as a “false case,” alleging that “the woman’s claimed location shifts, and her story morphs.” Chaudhry also claimed the situation is a “witch hunt” against Majors.

The actor is scheduled to return to court in NYC on Aug. 3 for trial.

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