South Korean Police Officer Apologizes for 'Bark-Off' With IShowSpeed, Says He Was Expressing 'Joy' as a Fan

While in his car, the officer participated in a bark-off with the social media streamer.

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A South Korean police offer issued an apology in a YouTube comment after being seen participating in a "bark-off" with social media influencer, IShowSpeed.

While in the country during the past few weeks, IShowSpeed, real name Darren Jason Watkins Jr., has gotten into plenty of chaos, like getting bitten on the nose by a puppy. But this past week, he got into more dog antics, this time with the aforementioned officer.

As seen in the clip above, Watkins rolled down his car window to flash currency at the officer, who then barked at him, a normal routine for the YouTube star. But shortly after the video was posted, the man, under the YouTube name @lookswonder, apologized for showing misconduct.

"Hello, this is me in the video. First of all, we would like to apologize to those who felt uncomfortable watching the streamer's live video and to our hard-working fellow police officers," the message reads, in Korean to English translation.

"To explain the situation in the video, I was on patrol at the time and while waiting at the signal, I saw Streamer Ishospeed [sic] riding in a vehicle waiting in the next lane," the man continued. "Since we were always fans, we took selfies using our phones and made barking noises to express our happiness."

"Although the use of a mobile phone while driving is prohibited under the Road Traffic Act, there is an exception that allows it to be used while stopped at a traffic light. Also, since the dog barking sound is the streamer's trademark, I expressed my joy as a regular fan. This was not done to an ordinary citizen passing by."

He concluded, "I'm not saying [I] did the right thing. As a police officer wearing a uniform, I also think I should have shown a more serious and trustworthy appearance to citizens. So, I would appreciate it if those who watch the video only criticize me rather than the police themselves, and watch it with a bit of generosity, thinking that there are some interesting people among the police officers. I will reflect on my actions and will continue to strive to be a role model for citizens as a police officer."

As Watkins' South Korean vacation has winded down, he's sure to cause a stir upon his return to the U.S.

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