Damon Wayans is standing by Dave Chappelle amid criticism over his latest Netflix special. 

Chappelle has seen plenty of backlash, and some support, following the release of The Closer this past week, with many raising concerns over transphobia and homophobia within the special. Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos, however, shared that he doesn’t believe Dave’s special was “designed to incite hate or violence.”

Wayans showed his support for the fellow comedian’s latest move, too, in an interview with TMZ on Tuesday.

“I feel like Dave freed the slaves,” Wayans said. “The comedians, we were slaves to PC culture and he just, you know, as an artist he’s Van Gogh. Cut his ear off, he’s trying to tell us it’s OK.”

When asked if he feels moving forward he’ll feel more free to be himself in his comedy, Wayans responded that he’s “always been free.”