Keep Warm with a Donald Trump 'Pants-on-Fireplace' Yule Log from Stephen Colbert

An hour of toasty lies from No. 45.

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Stephen Colbert is taking the age-old idiom “liar liar pants on fire” quite literally—presenting us with an hour of Donald Trump’s lies to keep us warm this winter.

The Late Show host and his team introduced the “pants-on-fireplace” yule log this week, writing, “Curl up with some hot cocoa and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the Donald Trump's Pants-on-Fireplace.” Footage shows a pair of pants, presumably Trump’s, burn as some of his infamous lies cut across the screen.

The video includes flammable fibs like “I’m probably the least racist person there is,” “I had good support from Muslims during my presidential run,” and worst of all, “Beyoncé and JAY-Z...I get far bigger crowds than they do.” The text on screen changes about every 15 seconds, so unfortunately, the hour of toasty lies barely scratches the surface of Trump’s thousands of false statements.

Trevor Noah created a similar yule log dedicated to No. 45 back in 2016. In his, music plays as the U.S. Constitution burns in the background.

The president kicked off this week by going viral after tweeting out two typos on Monday morning. This led to the hashtag #SmockingGun, used to clown Trump. His tweet is miraculously still up. 

It is the holiday season, so some of y'all might understandably opt out of any sort of Trump related yule log—or any reminder what-so-ever of his crumbling administration. Merry Christmas! 

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