A cosplayer best known for nailing the look of the one-off South Park character "with no life," who spends all his time playing World of Warcraft in the Season 10 episode Make Love, Not Warcraft, has died after contracting COVID-19

He was 40 years old.

Gamer Jarod Nandin had been dubbed "South Park Guy" by fans who found his recreation of the character to be spot on. For reference, here's the (original) guy as he appeared when the episode aired in 2006:

According to the World of Warcraft outlet Wowhead, Nandin first reported his condition in mid-December.

On Dec. 22 he shared a picture of himself in a hospital bed stating that he had tested positive for the virus but, as noted by TMZ, at the time he "didn't seem overly concerned." 

"I'm really sorry to worry you guys," he said in that caption. "I'm in the hospital getting treatment. Things look good. [I'm] just looking at Covid with a shit eating grin on my face saying 'How do you Kill that which...has no Life?" The latter quote being a reference to the South Park episode that featured his cosplay inspiration. 

After learning of Nandin's death on Sunday, several people from the gaming/cosplay communities sent their condolences: