Reginae Carter, rightfully, would like to see a public apology from everyone who ever supported Donald "Whittled Down" Trump following his woefully embarrassing press conference on Thursday.

During the presser, Trump—looking noticeably disheveled—let loose lie after lie regarding the 2020 election. In an Instagram Stories update on Thursday night, Carter joined those who expressed shock and heartbreak at the harrowing behavior.

"After hearing this last press conference by Trump, if you supported him in any way you should give us a public apology like right now," Carter said. "That was embarrassing!"

Image via @colormenae on Instagram

Carter's father, Lil Wayne, recently received widespread criticism and expressions of disappointment after showing up alongside Trump for what was clearly just a photo op for the failed steak salesman and soon-to-be single-termer. 

In a tweet late last month accompanying the photo, Weezy claimed to have had "a great meeting" with Trump. He also expressed his support for the so-called Platinum Plan benefiting Black Americans, the central claims of which have been met with intense scrutiny due to Trump's history of racism.

And while a rumor bubbled up in the wake of Weezy's embrace of Trumpism regarding the status of his relationship with Denise Bidot, a recent statement from Bidot herself appears to confirm that at least part of that rumor isn't accurate.

In response to a tweet claiming she had broken up with Weezy over the Trump endorsement, Bidot reportedly said any such theory was "absolutely false."