Throughout the nationwide lockdowns, many people have found themselves revisiting their favorite TV shows as a way to pass the time. HBO has done the public a solid by releasing some of their most successful series to stream for free, including True Blood, Veep, The Wire, and arguably its biggest hitThe Sopranos.

This week, the premium cable network shared a nearly 10-minute video that breaks down some of the most arcane terms and slang words used throughout the Italian-American mobster series, while incorporating clips in which the language is used.

The comedic video highlights words like gabagool, the "the Northeastern U.S. term for capicola, a pork cold cut"; Madone, "An abbreviation for Madonna, invoked to convey heartfelt suprirse at news, typically of the unfortunate variety. My Lord, My Heavens, etc"; stugots, "English term derived from Italian referencing male genitalia. Also the name of the Sopranos' boat"; and goomah, "a mistress, specifically one of a mafia member. Related: Moll."

Check out the video above.

The Sopranos debuted on HBO in early 1999 and concluded its six-season run in summer 2007. The show's creator, David Chase, is co-producing a prequel feature film for the series called The Many Saints of Newark. The film will be directed by Alan Taylor and star Ray Liotta, Leslie Odom Jr., Joey Diaz, Vera Farmiga, and Michael Gandolfini, the son of The Sopranos' late star James Gandolfini. The Main Saints of Newark is expected to hit theaters in 2021.