Tiger King star Joe Exotic became an instant celebrity once the popular docuseries hit Netflix, and now he's offered fans an update from behind bars. Currently in prison for an attempted murder-for-hire plot, with fellow big cat enthusiast Carole Baskin the target, Joe sat down for a quick interview with Netflix. He remarked on how he would like to fully enjoy his newfound celebrity, and he also expressed a desire to move on from his feud with Baskin.

"When I walk out of here, am I going to be as crazy as I was before? That will never change," he told Netflix from prison on March 22. "You know it would be nice if I could actually see me being famous out there, but I've seen these same four walls for a year and a half now."

He expressed his appreciation for his husband Dillon Passage, who has stuck by him during his legal troubles, but he also made it clear he has some regrets.

"Go sit in a cage with your animals for a week," Exotic replied when asked what he wanted Tiger King fans to know. "I mean, when I left the zoo and I sent my chimpanzees to the sanctuary in Florida and imagined what my chimpanzees went through for 18 years, I'm ashamed of myself."

His most interesting comments came when he was asked what message he would send to those who have seen the show, however. "I'm done with the Carole Baskin saga," he said. "It's now time to turn the tables and Joe get out of jail, a free man and exonerated from all these charges." 

Joe Exotic was recently transferred to a prison medical center amid COVID-19 concerns. "We speak three to five times every day, but since he's been moved to this new facility, they are putting him on a COVID-19 isolation because of the previous jail he was at, there were cases," said his husband Dillion Passage. "I've yet to speak to him since he moved."

Check out the interview with Joe Exotic above.