Joker created a monster in wake of its theatrical release in early October, and we're not talking about Arthur Fleck.

When Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) finally completes his transformation into the Joker in the film, he visits the stairs located near his apartment, and fully embraces his new persona by unleashing some over-the-top dance moves. Set to "Rock and Roll Part 2," the scene became iconic for its energetic and undeniably fun feel, and left many moviegoers yearning to visit the location where this moment in movie history was filmed. 

Suddenly, the 132 steps that connected Shakespeare and Anderson Avenues on West 167th Street in The Bronx became a tourist attraction with people flocking to what has become known as the "Joker Stairs." All the while, no one was taking into consideration how the borough's residents felt as a part of their everyday lives was being invaded by people embracing something that those more familiar have grown to resent. 

Three months later, as Joker experiences a new wave of attention with award season, Burger King is looking out for Bronx residents with an offer that exclusively applies to them. Starting today, locals who order BK through the delivery service Uber Eats can receive a free Whopper by including the code "KINGSTAIRS."