Before the release of Joker earlier this month, the stairs located in the Bronx that connected Shakespeare and Anderson Avenues on West 167th Street were just another flight of steps.

Now, they have become known as the "Joker Stairs" since it's where—spoiler alert—Arthur Fleck fully embodies the role of the Joker, as interpreted by Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips, for the first time, and breaks out into an elaborate dance sequence while on those steps. The stairs' new iconic status has fans of the film flocking to the BX, and the borough's residents aren't necessarily welcoming the influx of tourists with open arms. 

If you want some examples of the people who have snapped a pic while on those infamous steps, we will go against our better judgment and give you just two images. 

There's been no shortage of reminders that tourists chasing likes and/or notoriety by going to those "Joker Stairs" might want to watch their backs. 

Don't say you weren't warned.