Less than a week ago John Witherspoon, famous for Friday, The Boondocks, stand-up, and more, died at the age of 77. Since then his son, John David (J.D.), has utilized his Twitter account to pay tribute to the life and career of his dad, sharing personal tidbits and other anecdotes that were not publicly known until he decided to enlighten fans.

On Sunday he kept those tributes coming by stating that the late comic almost passed up on the opportunity to voice Huey and Riley's grandad, Robert, when The Boondocks segued from the newspapers to Adult Swim in 2005. As J.D. tells it, John was unfamiliar with the characters, but he ended up taking the job after his son's enthusiastic insistence.

As mentioned above, this brief story was just the latest bit of inside info that has been shared by J.D. since his father's passing last Tuesday. Put it amongst the same feed's greatest hits in that timeframe:

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