No matter how hard you try, TV lovers always fall into the same AWARDS SZN cycle: they have a list of shows and limited series they know they need to watch but never actually end up getting to. Part of it is the changing landscape of how television is being fed to us. The main part? There's just too much television out there to be up on everything, which leads to the main problem while watching the Emmys: not knowing what the HELL these shows are that are potentially scooping up all of these awards.

Based on the 2018 Primetime Emmys winners, we have a feeling that you'll be up on some of these shows. Hell, everyone with HBO access (or access to real friends with HBO Now) watched Game of Thrones end its run, and series like NBC's This Is Usblack-ish on ABC, HBO's Veep and Netflix's Ozark have dedicated fans that have been riding for these series. That leaves the playing field wide open for some of the smaller series on Showtime, Hulu, and Amazon; even a series like Killing Eve, which airs on BBC America and AMC, has had to fight for the dedicated following it now receives. That said, we know how it is, and with the 71st Primetime Emmys airing on Sunday, September 22, 2019, you have some time if you were really trying to get acquainted with what many consider to be the cream of the television crop.

Today, we've selected 10 of the most talked-about series among TV critics, some you might be up on, some you may have never even realized were even out. We're covering all ground, from your favorite streaming services to consistent cable networks that pride themselves on bringing you quality. Now it's on you to get your binge on.