As of this week, Sony and Marvel Studios will no longer work together on Spider-Man films. The news hit Peter Parker fans pretty hard, especially as it means that Spidey will no longer appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward. Sources indicated Tom Holland will reprise his role as the titular webslinger in two movies while director Jon Watts will also return, but that hasn't stopped fans from worrying about yet another reboot possibility. 

In Sony's previous Spider-Man films, particularly 2002's Spider-Man and 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man, fans were subjected to Parker struggling to cope with the death of his beloved Uncle Ben. While both of the movies were origin stories for the character, Sony and Marvel's collaborative effort Spider-Man: Homecoming skipped over how Parker became Spidey. With Marvel no longer involved, fans are worried Sony will kill off Uncle Ben once again.

It's unlikely Sony would want to completely reboot the franchise to tell Spidey's origin story again, especially with those forthcoming Tom Holland/Jon Watts films, but the possibility of a flashback isn't completely off the table.

Uncle Ben dying on screen for the third time remains unlikely, but worse things have happened. Can't fault fans for fearing disaster when Spider-Man 3 was allowed to be released.