*Game of Thrones series finale spoilers*

A new theory is giving disenchanted followers of Daenerys Targaryen hope. Fans have speculated, based on a brief remark in the Game of Thrones series finale, that her dragon Drogon is taking the Mad Queen to be resurrected in the East.

In the series finale, Sam informs the small council that Drogon was last spotted flying east toward either Volantis or Valyria—tbd, as Bronn cuts him off. As some observant Thrones fans point out, Volantis is the home of the Temple of the Lord of Light, the fire god with a history of bringing characters back to life in the show. The temple is currently headed by a priestess named Kinvara, who is such a fan of Dany that she instructed her followers to preach about her throughout Essos.  

Fans hoping their Khaleesi's end wasn't a knife to the gut by the only person less capable of leading than Bran have tied their feelings up in the idea that Daenerys will be resurrected. Red Priestess Melisandre brought Dany's nephew Jon Snow back, after all, and from a similar stabbed-in-the-abdomen fate. Beric Dondarrion was famously brought back a number of times before dying in the Battle of Winterfell in "The Long Night."

There are more than a few problems with the idea. For one, Drogon could easily be heading toward Valyria, the ancestral home of the Targaryens and the Dragons. Volantis is the closest inhabited place to that ruined part of the world. 

For another, Dany being resurrected isn't yet canon for the show but her committing the single greatest war crime in the history of this world is. Not liking the way her turn was handled won't erase the fact that she is officially one of the greatest monsters in the history of Westeros, so bringing her back raises some serious ethical questions. (Let's not even get into whether a high priestess' support might change after the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people.)

Perhaps most importantly, the series is over. HBO is committed to not chronologically continuing the story told in Game of Thrones, even denying us the swashbuckling sea murderess story starring Arya that we all want. It's unlikely we'll ever get a continuation beyond Dany's death (which, we have to admit, does make for better fan theories).

It's easy to understand why people want Daenerys' story to continue. They were primed for seven seasons to see her as a savior of Westeros. That's a hard habit to break, even after she burned the kingdom's greatest city to the ground. Just don't expect HBO to nod either way.