David Nutter, the director of the most-recent episode of Game of Thrones, has spent the last week defending his decisions crafting the saga entry. He previously explained why he split up Ghost and Jon without so much as a goodbye, and now he's fighting off detractors who were angry that the reveal of Jon Snow's true parentage was skipped over twice.

Though the show has been building toward all of the characters finding out that Jon has the strongest claim to the Throne in all of Westeros, Nutter felt that Arya and Sansa's reaction to learning Jon was a Targaryen would've been a waste of time. Nutter seemed to miss that people didn't care to hear Jon Snow say he was Aegon. The important part was seeing how the family took that news.

“We knew what Jon [Snow] and/or Bran [Stark] was going to say. What was going to come out of their mouth? Aegon Targaryen,” Nutter said in an interview with HuffPost. “So it’s kind of wasted time.”

Nutter also defended Sansa Stark's decision to immediately betray her not-quite-brother's confidence and the omission of Tyrion's reaction.

“Well, she doesn’t say it blatantly, of course, basically inferred it, so I think that that’s a moment that Tyrion [Lannister] has to put two and two together,” Nutter said. “That’s her No. 1 thing, I think. Keep her family safe and her kingdom whole.”