Over 100,000 fans have signed a petition for Netflix or Disney to bring back Daredevil

The petition, started just over a month ago, goes beyond typical calls to bring a show back on the air. It asks Disney and Netflix to come to the negotiating table to work out a deal that would allow the beloved Marvel superhero to appear on other platforms before the two-year buffer in Netflix's original Defenders contract ends. 

"Marvel’s Daredevil has been canceled after a critically acclaimed third season, in what appears to be a one-sided move by Netflix," the petition states. "Despite the show’s success, Netflix has concluded that going ahead with an already planned-out fourth season does not serve their long-term business interests."

The petition lays out the demands, noting that ultimately they want Daredevil to return but would be open to a deal that would allow the current Daredevil characters to appear in other Marvel TV productions. 

"[We want] Marvel Television reach out to Netflix to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal that allows the show, in its current format, to continue. Either on Netflix, or on a different platform," the petition reads. "Barring this approach, that a deal is reached that allows the characters from the Netflix show to appear in other Marvel Television productions, played by the original cast."

While neither Disney nor Netflix have responded to the petition, lead Charlie Cox said that he would play the role again and Vincent D'Onofrio, who played Kingpin on the canceled series, shared the fan petition to his followers on Twitter.