Every year, Jimmy Kimmel makes a ruthless compilation dedicated to the art of parents temporarily convincing their children that all their well-earned Halloween candy has been consumed by those they trust most: their own protectors.

With the 2018 edition, all the usual components are on full display. Once again this year, we asked parents to tell kids they ate all their candy," Kimmel said before introducing this year's take on the aptly named I Told My Kids I All Their Halloween Candy compilation. "This is our eighth year doing this and once again, you really answered the call. We got over a thousand videos. We went through all of them. We narrowed it down to the best of the best."

As with any year, this Halloween—which I personally spent trapped in an airport, clinging to memories of Halloweens gone by—also saw the release of a ton of stats regarding candy consumption. A state-by-state breakdown from Forbes, for example, showed some surprising regional favorites. Alabama is keen on candy corn, for some reason, while its fellow southern candy consumers in Georgia are more into Jolly Ranchers (much better choice, Georgia). Meanwhile, California is most hooked on Skittles and New York is down with Sour Patch Kids. See the full breakdown here.

Anyway, when are we going to get a flipped version of Kimmel's annual prank series? I want to see the kids pranking the hell out of the parents in 2019. They deserve it.