Halloween may be over, but with the new Sabrina series, the Suspiria remake out this weekend, and shows like The Haunting of Hill House, this spooky season is far from over.

Mike Flanagan’s new Netflix horror series has no shortage of ghosts, but forget about the Bent-Neck Lady or the creepy tall man in a top hat. A new video from IMBd is highlighting all of the hidden horrors within the haunted home of the Crain family. Definitely some spoilers in here, so if you haven’t seen the show, leave this article and watch it!

There have been several roundups of all the hidden ghosts in The Haunting of Hill House, but this new video allegedly captures “all” 43 appearances. If you’re like me, your hand was half covering your face for all 10 episodes, so many of these might be a total surprise.

Flanagan incorporates hidden ghosts into some of the most mundane scenes in the show, which makes the entire thing even creepier. Even as Shirley is walking around the house during a sunny summer day, a ghost is watching her from the yard. And no character seems more haunted than matriarch Olivia Crain, which helps explain why she’s the one who meets her first untimely end.

Flanagan also pays homage to the ghost of his 2017 film Gerald’s Game, where Bruce Greenwood reprises his spectral role to become the creepiest extra ever.

As the show navigates through the Crain family's trauma and the PTSD of individual characters, discussions of mental health and reality versus illusions come up a lot. Steven and Shirley frequently doubt the experiences of their siblings, but this montage of ghosts emphasizes without a doubt that something, a lot of somethings, were in fact lurking in the house. Flanagan put ghosts everywhere! At the bottom of the stairs, in the kitchen, under the piano. Watch the compilation video linked above, and check out our roundup of the scariest moments.