You see plenty of aliens, demons, and mad men in pop culture, yet we can't help but feel that evil doppelgangers are underutilized (unless you count Mariah Carey in her "Heartbreaker" video). Not the case in "Mirror Image," easily one of the series' most disturbing stories, which poses the question, "What would you do if you looked in the mirror one day to discover a sociopathic copy of yourself going about your routine?"

Traveler Millicent Barnes (Vera Miles) is presented with this very scenario while waiting for a bus in upstate New York. Our thoughts? That's what you get for going Greyhound, girl! We couldn't think of a more appropriate place to discover a malicious double from a parallel universe than on the bus line where it's hardly uncommon for engines to break down and heads to be hacked off. We'll stick to the Chinatown bus, thanks.