Lena Waithe is staying busy with a whole handful of projects on her plate, from the follow-up season to The Chi and a forthcoming film with Daniel Kaluuya. But even as she stands firmly rooted in Hollywood, the workaholic isn’t taking a career in politics off the table.

“I wouldn’t count anything out,” The Chi creator told Good Morning America. “I really do love this business that I’m in right now. But I also have a skill for talking to people, listening to people, that’s my job to try and capture human behavior.”

With Donald Trump in the White House, Waithe believes anyone could take on the oval office, including her.

“I’m also a person who believes everyone deserves life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What more could you want out of a politician?” she continued, before admitting it’s not exactly her priority at the moment. “Right now, I’m just trying to focus on being a mogul first, then we’ll see what happens. If Trump can be President, anyone can.”

The Emmy-winning writer and director is already a trailblazer in Hollywood, and would undoubtedly break barriers in the world of politics.

“I stress being great, but I also stress being a politician,” she said. “Knowing when to lean back and when to lean forward and when to be nice, even to someone who may not deserve your kindness, but they are in a position to get you to where you want to go.”

As mentioned up top, Waithe is currently working on the second season of The Chi for Showtime and stars in Queen & Slim alongside Kaluuya, which is being directed by Insecure’s Melina Matsoukas. She’s also developing an HBO series with Kid Fury about a 20-something gay black man in NYC, and writing a TBS series dubbed Twenties. Amazon also picked up her horror series titled Them, where she serves as an executive producer.

As we said, Lena Waithe is staying busy.