Kris Jenner proved that the blood will always be thicker than water by professing her unconditional support for her "amazing" son-in-law Kanye West. On Friday's episode of EllenJenner doubled down on her support for Ye when asked about his recent string of polarizing antics.

Kris said her job is "to be there for my kids and be supportive and love them" and that trying to control people isn't realistic or appealing. "But I think what I really want to do is be there to help [Kanye] be the best version of himself that he can be. He knows that we're there if he needs us," she said. "You're always concerned when there's controversy and drama and things are going on, and it's sometimes worrisome."

Kris made it clear she can still look at her son-in-law's actions objectively, best conveyed when describing Kanye's visit with Trump at the Oval Office. "It was surprising that he was able to have was very spontaneous. And the stuff that they were talking about, when they got to the airplane, I was like, 'Oh, my gosh. That is so Kanye.' He was sharing thoughts and things of himself. But I would rather he share some of that stuff privately. Obviously, it would be great, but I have to be able to show him that I'm here if he needs me—we're all here if he needs us—and we just want to help him be the best he can be," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch said. "But he definitely has his own thoughts and opinions, and he gets very excited about that."

Kris' compassion for Ye's confusing antics was reflected by Ellen, who has been a harsh opponent of President Trump. Contrary to other talk shows, Ellen took the time to express her concern for the Kardashian-West family rather than tear Kanye down. "What we don't want is people piling on, because he's in a very vulnerable state right now, I think. And I think he needs help. You can say, 'We want to be there for him.' But it's got to be really tough for you, for [Kim] and for everyone, because it's your family," DeGeneres said. "You've got so much going on anyway, but now you have to worry about that... I love him. He's crazy talented, and he's a good guy."

Jenner acknowledged she and Ellen have both known Ye for ages. "And he does have different sides to him," she told the host. "And this is a side no one has seen before."

With the list of people turning their backs on Ye growing by the day, Kris' appearance on Ellen shows why Yeezy feels so connected to Kim and her family. By offering unconditional support even in this time of confusion, they may be offering Ye the perfect support system to find his true voice.