Kanye West Met With Donald Trump and Twitter Exploded

The internet is going off on what Donald Trump and Kanye West could have met about at Trump Tower Tuesday morning.

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Kanye West shocked pretty much everybody (or nobody) when he was spotted walking into Trump Tower to meet with Donald Trump Tuesday morning. 'Ye showed up with some of his crew and a videographer since we all know that the rapper documents everything to potentially put it together for a film one day.

Kanye meets with Donald Trump at Trump Tower pic.twitter.com/E2mSlwaMWh

"We've been friends for a long time," Trump told the cameras seemingly after their meeting when both came down to the tower lobby to talk with press. Trump went on to add that the pair discussed "life." For his part, Kanye remained completely silent and did not answer any questions.

There is no official word on what 'Ye was sitting down with the President-Elect to discuss, but the word still spread fast and the internet lost it. Speculation about his meeting ranged from everything to a cabinet position to a fake cabinet position, and more. One Twitter user wrote, "Trump and Kanye have confirmed their collab album in response to JCole and Kendrick's album announcement." LOL. Check out some of the people's reactions to this meeting below.

Law & Order tzar @NComerfordTV @SteveKopack
@SteveKopack @nycjim What better way to distract the masses from questions about Russia.
Kanye walks into Trump Tower. Poor guy. He must still be psychotic. Get well soon. https://t.co/OyQ5rCnTiY
Kanye has lost touch with reality. reality is no matter his stardom, all white ppl will see is his skin. yet, he's still meeting with Trump.
I heard Kanye was in NYC to meet with a psychiatrist then I heard he met with Trump. He is definitely gone... past Britney crica 2007
Kanye West is gonna be on Trump's transition team. This is a high moral conflict of interest for me
Trump has money. Kanye needs money. Shouldn't be surprised.
Tbh the Kanye/Trump thing mainly makes me wonder how Kris Jenner will exploit their relationship for her global domination plans. pic.twitter.com/28NMXDhflm
OFF this wk: Promised Trump announcement / actions on conflicts of interest.

ON this wk: 4 Trump rallies and a photo-op with Kanye West.
Now all of these racist publications like Breitbart think they're cool now because Kanye met with Trump. Y'all are still trash.
Between Kanye and Donald trump's hair there is entirely too much going on!
Breaking news: Trump and Kanye have confirmed their collab album in response to JCole and Kendrick's album announcement pic.twitter.com/NQJh1q3ef2
TRUMP: So what would your plan be to fight ISIS?
KANYE: Nothing in life is promised except death.
TRUMP: [Picks up phone.] Get me Mad Dog.
Smh Kanye. He sees Trump's an unprecedented character as president and just has to make himself part of it. A genius and a world-class clown

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