Fortnites highly anticipated rocket launch went down Saturday afternoon. And although the one-time event was pretty amazing, it left players with a slew of questions about the game’s future.

Here’s a little recap for those who missed it: The rocket blasted off from the Villian’s Liar near Snobby Shores and immediately lost some kind of object—perhaps a thruster or pod—that landed in Anarchy Acres. The spacecraft was then seen making its way toward Tilted Towers, but ended up hitting some kind of invisible shield right before impact. The rocket then veered off and seemingly vanished before reappearing over Loot Lake. It then accelerated its speed and created a large, permanent crack in the Fortnite sky.

You can check out everything that went down in the video below.

So what does Saturday’s launch mean for Fortnite season five? Though nothing has been confirmed, many people have taken to social media to dissect the recent events and theorize about possible game changes.

One of the most popular theories is that the game is about to introduce alien threats, thus going from a strictly battle royale platform to one that incorporates PvE components. This theory is also supported by the odd voice heard during the launch.

Others are convinced that Fortnite Battle Royale might not be real and that it is just some type of simulation that will prepare players for a real battle. Theorists point to the final event, insisting the rocket didn't create a hole in the sky; rather, it created a hole in a dome.

Some players think the rocket's disappearance and reappearance indicate some kind of time-travel portal. 

There are a lot of unanswered questions at this time; however, knowing Epic Games' rollouts, there's a good chance we'll receive more teasers in the upcoming weeks. Fortnite season five begins July 12.