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Whether you pledge allegiance to Marvel or DC's band of heroes and villains, there is one thing that every comic book fan should be able to universally agree on—Marvel has created a far superior cinematic universe compared to its competitor. Today, the year's biggest celebration of comic book culture, Comic-Con 2018, kicks off in San Diego and Conan O'Brien is there to cover all of the latest and greatest news coming off the convention floor.

To mark his arrival, Conan opened last night's episode of his eponymous late night talk show with a skit emphasizing just how much greater life in the MCU is. The skit plays off Comic-Con attendees cosplaying their favorite superheroes, an aspect of the weekend that has grown year after year to be one of its biggest highlights. O'Brien, dressed as Batman, is joined by his announcer Andy Richter dressed as Robin, Keegan-Michael Key as Black Panther, Blake Anderson as Aquaman, Chris Geere as Superman, David Koechner as Thor, Riki Lindhome as Black Widow, and Rob Huebel as Iron Man. 

They're all attending "Hall of Heroes," a high school for superheroes. The hilarity ensues when O'Brien's Batman gets a serious case of FOMO looking over at the Marvel crew having the time of their lives at lunch. He attempts to ditch the "nerds" at the DC table to join in on the fun all of the "cool" heroes at Marvel's table are having.

Key halts the Caped Crusader, saying, "Have you checked the box office lately, Bruce Lame?" Thor follows up by telling him he can sit with them only if he can complete the impossible task of moving his hammer from the open seat. 

Batman continues to make his best case for why he should be the Avengers' newest member to no avail with Marvel's heroes scoffing at his origin story, fighting ability, and more. The final nail in the coffin appears to come when his sidekick Robin shows up just in time to get roasted into oblivion. He sneaks in a mic drop-worthy burn of his own before exiting stage left with the incredibly accurate statement, "Fantastic Four sucked." (Elsewhere, in a new live-action Titans trailer, he literally says "fuck Batman.")

Comic-Con takes place this weekend at the San Diego Convention Center from Thursday, July 19 to Sunday, July 22.