Kanye West's wild tweets were fatal for five characters, including one played by host Donald Glover on Saturday Night Live.

In a parody of A Quiet Place, aka A Kanye Place, Glover, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, and Cecily Strong try to silently sneak through a cornfield and keep hidden from monsters when Kanye starts tweeting.

Thompson explains that they will all be killed if they're too loud, but when Kanye posts a "Make America Great Again" hat on Twitter, Thompson is doomed when he exclaims, "Come on Kanye."

The rest die in similar fashion. Bryant gets dispatched after discovering Kanye really did say "poopity scoop" on "Lift Yourself." Bennet also gets got after being horrified at Kanye claiming slavery was a choice. In the end, Glover is the last one standing, but even he's powerless against Kanye West's tweets. Watch the horror unfold above. Glover also parodied Migos and Oran "Juice" Jones during the SNL episode.

The hilarious skit was even Kanye approved via Twitter (of course).