It looks like Deadpool 2 may live up to the success of its predecessor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie received as high as a 98 in recent test screenings. The Ryan Reynolds-starring sequel has been screen tested three times thus far. The score from the first two tests were also high, coming in at 91 and 97 respectively. The latest test took place in Dallas, where producers tested two different cuts of the film at the same time. One scored a 98 and the other scored a 94. A source told THR that the Deadpool crew is planning to use the 98-scoring cut at the final version.

The highest score the first Deadpool film received from test screening was 91, according to THR, and the film still went on to be a box office hit. It grossed $783 million worldwide and is the highest-grossing X-Men movie of all time. With a score that is seven points higher than the original, this sequel could also prove to be even more successful in the box office. 

This is all exciting news for fans who were worried by re-shoots the film underwent last month. The score also contradicts earlier reports that the forthcoming film was “a big mess.” The re-shoots reportedly took place to add more of what audiences loved in the first test screenings. Actress Brianna Hildebrand, who plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead, also denied that re-shoots were a result of test screenings gone south. “No, it was nothing that had gone wrong,” she told ScreenGeek. “Usually films hate it when you talk about their reshoots—solely because people think that it’s because the film was bad for the test audience—but it was all good.”

Deadpool 2 is slated to hit theaters May 18.