It's a tale as old as time. Sharks and tornados merge into what can only be called Sharknado. But all good and terrible things must come to an end.

TVLine reports the Sharknado franchise will end this summer with its sixth and final film, Sharknado 6: City Under Siege. And it's set to be a time-traveling smorgasbord.

"All is lost, or is it? Fin unlocks the time-traveling power of the Sharkados in order to save the world and resurrect his family," reads the description for the upcoming film. "In his quest, Fin fights Nazis, dinosaurs, knights, and even takes a ride on Noah’s Ark. This time, it’s not how to stop the sharknados, it’s when." 

If you watched Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, you'll know the series protagonist, Finn, ended up being the last man on Earth after it was continuously plagued by spinning, murderous sharks. Now it seems he'll be going back in time to set it all right and prevent it from ever happening in the first place. Tara Reid, Cassie Scerbo, and Vivica A. Fox will return for the final installment.

Sharknado began in 2013 as a ridiculous disaster comedy set up to fail but turned out to be a glorious "so bad it's kind of good" franchise. It's also drawn a number of celebrity cameos from Jerry Springer, Mark Cuban, Tommy Davidson, Gary Busey, Carrot Top, David Hasselhoff, Biz Markie, Frankie Munez, George R.R. Martin, and more. Even Donald Trump wanted in on the action. And we're sure the final film we hate to watch and watch to hate will be no different.

We'll finally be able to put this fantastic monstrosity behind us as Sharknado 6: City Under Siege is scheduled to premiere on SyFy on July 25.