What’s the hype over these games, you might ask? Well, it goes a bit deeper than people just loving what Battlegrounds brought to the table. Some say that the seeds for the battle royale genre of games began back in 2012, after the release of the popular film The Hunger Games. Modifications were made to Minecraft to bring elements from the film into the expansive open world game. Dubbed "Survival Games," players were tasked to compete against each other on a map; chests were placed throughout the map that held valuable items for their survival, with the last player standing becoming the winner.

Modding of popular games to include a survival aspect gained popularity, with one modder named Brendan Greene (who called himself "PlayerUnknown") creating a version of this mode in the game DayZ, based on the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale back in 2013. After spending roughly four years developing games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds got an early release in March of 2017, becoming the definitive “battle royale” game by year’s end. Word is that 20 million units of Battlegrounds were sold for PC, with an astonishing one-million copies of Battlegrounds for the Xbox One selling in three days.

With the rise of eSports and online multiplayer-gaming, the battle royale-style is a perfect fit for today’s gamers worldwide. Epic Games wisely tapped into that growing market with their own version and took over the entire game, no pun intended.