Caleb McLaughlin, better known as Lucas from Netflix's sci-fi sensation Stranger Things, has shown us that not only is he a superb actor, but he can also curate a pretty fire playlist. The teenage star has teamed up with Spotify to create a unique playlist entitled "Black Boy Joy" in honor of Black History Month.

The playlist features hand-picked favorites from McLaughlin, including tracks from DrakeSZACalvin HarrisKendrick LamarIsaiah Rashad, and many more. Give this young star's playlist a shuffle through, and you'll quickly realize he has his finger on the pulse of great new music. There are some obvious selections that are popping among McLaughlin's demographic, like Drake's "God's Plan" and Jaden Smith's "Icon," but there are other hidden gems in there, too, like deep cuts from Sonder and Goldlink. Spotify's description reads: "Life-affirming, positive, and playful—let these kaleidoscopic, carefree beats wash over you and inspire you to live with love."

McLaughlin joins the latest list of prominent black entertainers and musicians who have released their own special soundtracks for Black History Month. Earlier this month, Mary J. Blige released her "Feminist Friday" playlist through Spotify, Tidal shared playlists honoring MLK Jr., and Big Freedia shared a special playlist tribute to "The Sound of Bounce." Take a listen through "Black Boy Joy" and let some of Caleb's light into your life today.