Tidal has pulled through with the perfect way to honor one of America's greatest activists of all time for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The streaming service has released two curated playlists that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and hopeful. 

The first playlist is a compilation of 30 of what Tidal calls, MLK's "most iconic speeches."

From the acclaimed and historically quoted "I Have a Dream" speech, to a eulogy from Robert F. Kennedy's funeral, the playlist offers a cool option to take some time out of your day and give yourself a little lesson in history. With today's trying times and America seemingly turning into more of a parody of itself every day, listening to the inspiring words of MLK Jr. might just give you the boost of strength you need to continue fighting the good fight.

Tidal's second playlist, "Music From the Mountaintop" serves as a great accompaniment or standalone listen to the speech recordings. This playlist features songs that are inspired by MLK's message of peace and brotherhood. Among the artists featured are Jay Z, Bob Dylan, Bobby Womack, Kendrick Lamar, Nina Simon, Queen and others. Martin Luther King Jr.'s spirit will live on within those whose lives he has inspired, and hopefully with recordings like this being made available to new generations, his words will continue to impact the world.