When the high school experience starts to feel a bit too excruciating for any reasonable mind to endure, simply opt out. That's exactly what Kendall Jenner apparently did, as revealed in a new interview with LOVE Magazine. "I wasn't a bad kid," the Instagram champion insists before revealing her secret to making school life a bit more tolerable: skipping.

"When I got to high school I used to pretend I had work," Kendall reveals. "I would go and tell the head of school that I really need to leave because I was really stressed out because I had work." Kendall even got recently confirmed Marilyn Manson aficionado Kylie Jenner involved in the education shake-up, admitting she would often take her sister with her "even though she didn’t have permission." As for how exactly Kendall would spend this well-earned downtime, she apparently filled the hours with boyfriend visits, eating, and "absolutely nothing."

King Kylie, as previously reported, made some noticeable waves back in 2015 when she officially became a high school graduate. As noted by the Daily Mail, Kendall and Kylie were originally students at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles before dropping out for the home treatment. Kendall, who actually graduated in 2014, shared the spotlight with Kylie at a Ryan Seacrest-hosted graduation party last year while somehow managing to not tell everyone her secret to success: that aforementioned skipping.

The lesson here? Skip school, but only in moderation.

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