A Brazilian man collapsed and died after apparently biting a fellow passenger during a flight to Dublin on Sunday. The flight, which departed from Portugal and was promptly diverted to Cork, luckily had both a nurse and a doctor aboard, though neither were able to revive the 24-year-old individual.

Speaking with 96FM, surely alarmed passenger John Leonard said the man’s "health and disposition" immediately declined after being handcuffed, eventually resulting in a serious seizure:

"His seizure seemed to get worse. He was actually on the ground shaking violently. The noise he was making was like something I have never heard before. It’s not something you’d hear every day. It was like deep anguish, is the best way I could describe it… Not screaming in a sense… just a very guttural, from deep within him."

While the bite victim was sent to a hospital for treatment, the 44-year-old woman who was reportedly accompanying the so-called "biter" was arrested after local authorities found five pounds of "potential amphetamine powder" in her bags. The deceased biter is currently undergoing a postmortem examination to determine whether he was under the influence of such powder during his biting spell, according to Elite Daily.

Zombie? Of course not. However, this story does possess a remarkable resemblance to the most recent Walking Dead spinoff wherein zombies are most definitely on a plane.