It's difficult to imagine a meeting at AMC without at least 364 uses of the word "zombie," while the two or three Mad Men spinoff supporters on the team spend yet another day crying into endless cups of black coffee. On the wave of Don Draper and company's near-immediate critical acclaim, AMC aimed for dollar signs in 2010 without sacrificing the art of it all, resulting in the juggernaut we now know as The Walking Dead.

Unable to resist the temptation of throwing low-key shade at Los Angeles on TV by making some slightly meta commentary through the zombie medium, the network eventually added a single word to The Walking Dead to form the basis for that series' spinoff, the surprisingly compelling Fear the Walking Dead. With the meeting preceding such an announcement likely following the formula outline in the previous paragraph, AMC revealed on Friday its plans to produce a standalone TV event involving a large group of zombies on an airplane.

The special is being hyped with the promise of introducing a future Fear character, with the survivor of this proposed plane full of passengers not quite satisfied with their complimentary nuts joining the show's second season. According to Entertainment Weekly, further details are currently unknown.