If there's ever a zombie outbreak like the one in World War Z, head for the hills. The Colorado hills to be exact. A team of researchers at Cornell University developed a statistical model of how a zombie outbreak would spread in the U.S. and says the Rocky Mountains may be your key for survival. Don't be caught alive in northeastern Pennsylvania however. The evidence suggests it's the spot in America most susceptible to the "walking dead."


"We did a full U.S.-scale simulation of 307 million individuals and thousands of outbreaks, to see who ended up infected and who did not," said Alex Alemi, a graduate student and one of the authors of the study at Cornell University.

So where should you go and not go?

Run to the middle of nowhere, and fast. "A zombie outbreak really slows down once it gets out of populated areas," Alemi said. "In the country, it takes them a long time to make their way across the map. But in cities, if you've got millions of them, some are going to make their way in any direction."

Also stay away from the areas in between cities, which become more vulnerable because of cross-contamination. "The takeaway is, you want to be as far away from as many people as possible."

Even though zombies aren't a real thing, Alemi hopes his findings will shed light on how his model could mimic real disease outbreaks.

[via Yahoo]