HBO has the classic slogan “It’s Not TV, It’s HBO.” FX has “Fearless.” Starz, for its part, has “Taking You Places.” But television as a whole should have an all-encompassing one: “No Days Off.”

Now that TV’s the new everything, there’s never any downtime for television junkies—there’s nothing like how January or August give moviegoers chances to save money and know that whatever’s new in theaters probably isn’t very good. Take this summer, for instance—in addition to returning favorites like Masters of Sex, a slew of strong new shows debuted and kept DVRs full and people’s schedules unmanageable, from HBO’s The Leftovers to FX’s The Strain and Cinemax’s The Knick.

And now that fall is here, it’s only going to get even more crowded. Just like Hollywood studio are busy getting ready to unveil their big-screen awards season hopefuls, TV network executives are scrambling to set up their plethora of new sitcom pilots and prestigious rookie dramas while also saying goodbye to shows like Sons of Anarchy and Boardwalk Empire and looking to reinvent others like Homeland and American Horror Story.

Clear your calendars, folks, because the next few months are about to work your TiVo boxes out. To help you navigate through all the small-screen programming, here are The Most Anticipated TV Shows of Fall 2014.