Year of Release: 2011

It took a quarter of a century but we finally got a AAA Batman game when Batman: Arkham Asylum was released in 2009.

Two years later, Developer Rocksteady improved on the formula with Batman: Arkham City. Not only did Batman: Arkham City have an engaging main quest (that was expected) but it was also the rare open-world game with side missions you'd actually want to do. Sure there were hundreds of Riddler trophies, but you also had storylines that ranged from a tenuous alliance with Bane, to hunting down Deadshot, to getting drugged to Arizona State levels by the Mad Hatter.

It actually made you feel like Batman entering this putrid shithole of a prison and putting out crimes one-by-one at your leisure. It also had stealth that allowed you to plan attacks by isolating henchman. And free flowing combat that was complex looking yet easy to pull off.