Director: Terry Zwigoff

Prior to the release of this documentary, Robert Crumb was known as the cartoonist responsible for such beloved comic strips as Keep on Truckin' and Fritz the Cat. Though it's funnier in tone than the other films on this list, Crumb isn't without its creep factor. The man's a walking picture of sexual dysfunction, which viewers learn through interviews with members of his family and from the mouth of Crumb himself.

OK, so we'll admit that we've fancied a couple animated ladies in our day (Jasmine and Jessica Rabbit, anyone?). But when Robert Crumb talks about how Bugs Bunny got him hot and bothered when he was five years old, we can't help but cringe. It doesn't help the guy's case that his family is just as bizarre. Take his younger brother Maxon, who sleeps on a bed of nails and swallows ropes in order to defecate. All that being said, what's perhaps most disturbing is that, despite his perverse eccentricities, we love Crumb even more once the film ends. —MB