If you don't know much about Ramona Singer, consider yourself blessed. This woman is a Pinot-guzzling little terror who has starred on Real Housewives of New York City since the first season. Almost every time she appears on-screen, Ramona declares to the world that she is a self-made, astoundingly talented, intelligent woman.

Unfortunately, time and time again Ramona exhibits behavior that marks her mental capabilities as sub-par and her social graces as nonexistent. She's rude, she's loud, she's ignorant, and she's obsessed with herself. Case in point: Ramona said that a difficult sacrifice she made during the recession was getting rid of her live-in maid. It's true—life is hard when you don't have someone cleaning up your shit 24/7. How do The Poors do it?

One thing Ramona doesn't seem to be is fake, which we can't say for some of reality TV's other grating stars. But most of the time, we really wish that she would put her real self away into a basement and pretend to be a halfway decent person.