The 2012 elections may mark the first year that social media is truly in a position to drive the news cycle. Since 2008, Twitter has come forward to allow people to post reckless self-portraits and express thirst for attention and sex drive the narrative and spread of information in plenty of big news stories, and in politics, they don't get much bigger than electing the President of the United States. 

So this November 6, it's a good idea to choose some new Twitter accounts to follow to stay up on everything. Complex wanted to help with the search for new and interesting tweeters, so we compiled (in no particular order) the 25 best people to follow on Twitter for election night, including politicians, pundits, and comedians. They run the gamut from the severely conservative to so far left they almost meet right around the bend, from carefully-crafted funny to sadly unintended comedy.

Regardless of which of these accounts you want to follow, you'll find they all update regularly, are rarely boring, and leave a lasting impression. What kind of impression depends on what you're looking for.

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Written by Steve Huff (@SteveHuff)