We've said it before: thirst is at an all-time high. But we've thought about it, and we can't completely blame the lonely dudes on Instagram broadcasting their most primitive desires to the hot women they follow. Let's face it, hot women posting self-taken photos, better known as "selfies," are like a stranger luring a kid with a candy. 

It's a year-round occurence, but the summer is like walking through a minefield of thirst-attracting snapshots. Beach days, BBQs, vacations with the girls—all beget selfie upon selfie. After all, it's the perfect time for girls to show off their ripped and tanned bikini body.

But let's make it perfectly clear: no one is complaining here. In fact, we've even scrapbooked our own favorite snaps of the season from all of our favorite women. From the timelines of video vixens, supermodels, Hollywood actresses and basically anyone with a level of notoriety, here are The 100 Hottest Instagram Selfies of Summer 2012.

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