Editions: 9 Kingdom Hearts (2002), Chain of Memories (2004), Kingdom Hearts II (2005), Re: Chain of Memories (2007), Coded 2008, 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep 2010, Re: Coded 2011, Dream Drop Distance 2012

Publisher: Square Enix

You know what game series has one of the most dedicated fan bases? Kingdom Hearts. Ever since this Disney/Square Enix collaborative project hit the PS2, gamers have fallen in love with Sora and his Keyblade adventures. Both PS2 games were superb RPG’s that featured a who’s who of both entertainment spectrums. Since those dropped, we’ve seen a boatload of side quest on portable devices. Every time we finish one, we immediately think “I hope part three is one the way.” We’re not the only ones who echo that thought. All those new Square Enix characters mixed in with Disney and Pixar’s new worlds = Heaven.