Atlanta rapper Kenny Mason first showed up on our radar in 2016, but his story wasn't one of overnight success. Kenny's been building local buzz while working on his debut project, and it's starting to stir up the kind of industry attention that often leads to much bigger things.

Kenny is 24 years old from the west side of Atlanta and part of the Bricofleur entity. His new song "Hit" is the first thing he's chosen to officially drop in 18 months. Another song called "G.O.A.T" was released earlier this year through a one-off deal with A3C/iHipHop and ended up on the HBO show Euphoria, but "Hit" is the song that, as its title indicates, could take things to the next level.

Even back in 2016, Kenny said, "Atlanta is my birth city so I have a lot of pride in it and its legacy. I not only plan to be a part of it, but also to take this city and its legacy to new heights... We're trying to create a new lane of Atlanta music aside from just trap. Something different but still something you can ride to."

Years later and after a lot of behind-the-scenes work, Kenny Mason is sticking to the mission. "Hit" is vibrant and immediate, but it's not what you're used to from a young Atlanta rapper in 2019. The song strikes a magic chord that opens it up to any type of listener—flows sturdy enough to please an old head, a beat you can ride to, a hook you can yell along with, and even a raw, insanely catchy melody that comes in about halfway through and will surely be the most fun part of any Kenny Mason show in the near future.

Calling a song "Hit" is a risky move, but Kenny Mason backs it up. This is a different type of hit, though—it's not "Ran$om" or "Lucid Dreams" or "Old Town Road." It's the kind of hit that may not launch into the Hot 100 overnight, but could act as an introduction to an important new presence in hip-hop. Kenny Mason has the skills and the charisma, and now he's proven that he's also got patience, an underrated quality when it comes to longevity in music.

For now, there are no release dates to announce, but the "Hit" video is coming soon.

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