When it comes to commercial success, Young Thug is in a class of his own, and sometimes he has to remind himself of that. In a series of videos posted on social media, Thugger explained that he isn’t worried about what others have to say about him because he legitimately “made it” and is able to support his family.

“One year ago my brother had a life sentence plus 12 years. You think I give a damn about what a n***a or a pussy ass bitch think? I made it,” Thug said on Instagram. “I did it. I’m gon’ live life to the fullest.”

He continued, “I got a brother that can’t hear. He’s deaf. His name is Greg. In about two weeks he go to surgery. He gon’ be able to hear. You think I give a damn, my dear?”

Thug is thinking about the bigger picture, and using the wealth he’s amassed to make real differences in his family members’ lives. He also added he was able to help his mom treat her cancer. 

“Just about nine or 11months ago, my mom had cancer till god answered. It’s gone, kids. She’s legit,” he said. “This is just for all the young entrepreneurs that’s taking care of business but still worried about how a motherfucker look at them and how they’re viewed. Sometimes I have to come to my senses like bruh, all my peoples straight, bruh. My whole family is straight. All my homies, all my twins, they straight. Everybody who I really love is really straight. They don’t want for anything. I could care less what a n***a or a bitch think.”

As Young Thug is proving, there are bigger things in life than being liked by strangers.