While ASAP Rocky fans await more word on the upcoming (and potentially Morrissey-featuring) All Smiles project, they can take some solace in a recently shared clip of the ComplexCon headliner diving into some impromptu creativity with Andy Milonakis

On Halloween, Milonakis shared a brief clip of himself letting off a freestyle as a clearly entertained Rocky (as well as a small crowd of onlookers) watched. Later, the former Andy Milonakis Show star shared an extended clip of his link-up with Rocky, this time including some bars from Rocky.

“I’ll fuck you in a jacuzzi with you and your mother, she a floozy,” Milonakis rapped at one point. Elsewhere, he also mentioned “chilling at the Ritz” and “eating Lunchables with Cliff Huxtable.” Rocky, meanwhile, utilized a portion of his time to declare himself “the realest since Tupac Shakur.”