With the tenth season of Full Size Run on the horizon, Trinidad James has launched the inaugural episode of his new YouTube series focused on Black-owned restaurants.

James was inspired to use his platform to highlight a selection of Black-owned restaurants after noticing a discrepancy in the visibly between Black-owned businesses when compared with their contemporaries. Initially, this manifested in James’ plan of eating at one restaurant each day and documenting his experience on social media. And now, with James envisioning his Black-Owned Food Challenge becoming an outlet for discovery for fans, he’s launched a new video series.

“We have over 20 episodes and broke it into two seasons,” James told Complex of his latest project. “We wanna make sure that the initiative to support Black-owned businesses never dies. It’s easy to take a Black-owned business for granted. The main point I wanna get across is that you should never feel forced to support a Black-owned business. Do it when you feel is the right time for you. The Black-Owned Food Challenge is to show consumers that it’s always the right time to support a Black-owned business.”

Up top, catch the first episode, which features Simply Wholesome.

The Black-Owned Food Challenge, with the assistance of the right sponsor, is aiming to donate $1000 to ten restaurants while helping kickstart a grassroots movement that advocates for supporting Black-owned businesses. For more on the challenge, click here. 

Additional episodes of the Black-Owned Food Challenge series will be released soon. Keep an eye out.