6ix9ine suffered another legal loss this week.

According to court documents obtained by Complex, a Manhattan judge denied the rapper’s request to either terminate or prematurely end his five-year term of supervised release. 6ix9ine’s legal team argued their client is eligible for early termination, as he’s lived a “law-abiding life” since his 2020 jail release. They also claim the 25-year-old artist—legal name Daniel Hernandez— “has taken considerable steps to better himself” and no longer associates with “criminally minded individuals.”

Though the court acknowledged 6ix9ine’s compliance with the law, Judge Paul Engelmayer stated good behavior does not warrant early termination, as it is expected from 6ix9ine and every other individual who has been placed on supervised release. 

“Mr. Hernandez’s compliance with the law since his April 2020 release cannot be divorced from the fact that he has been under judicial supervision,” the judge wrote. “The supervised release regime has given Mr. Hernandez, like other defendants, a strong incentive to abide by the law. Although the Court is hopeful that Mr. Hernandez’s choice since his release to abide by the law reflects a durably matured internal compass, the Court today cannot be fully confident that, freed of judicial supervision, he would not lapse.”

Engelmayer also pointed out that 6ix9ine had been required to complete 300 hours of community service during his supervised release, but has only performed 10 hours during that time. Attorneys claim 6ix9ine’s community service options are limited, as his celebrity and cooperation with federal agents puts his life at risk. The court acknowledged these safety concerns, but said avenues of potential community service remained open, as demonstrated by the 10 hours 6ix9ine already completed.

“I think he earned the right to have his supervised release terminated early,” 6ix9ine’s attorney Lance Lazzaro told Complex. “The judge decided that the application was premature, even though the law allowed us to make this right after one year. He’s basically been on supervised release close to two years. We thought that the judge should do it. Probation had no objection to it. The US Attorney objected, and the judge ruled in the US Attorney’s favor.”

The judge issued the order without prejudice, meaning 6ix9ine has the right to request early termination down the road.

“Look, he’s disappointed,” Lazzaro added. “He thinks that he’s done everything right. But he’ll continue to be on supervised release.”